Vasco Rossi Vasco Modena Park
  • Vasco Rossi Vasco Modena Park
  • Vasco Rossi Vasco Modena Park

Vasco Rossi Vasco Modena Park

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Italian cd Vasco Rossi vasco modena park (released on 08-12-2017) box

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The complete box with the audio and video document of what happened on 01 01 17 in Modena ... Modena Park. Pack box printed on iridescent metallic paper, with a 50-page photographic book, 3CD with all the songs of Modena Park and 2DVD with the spectacular film of more than three hours of music shared by 225,000 viewers who in turn became the protagonists . With 40 years of live performance, the Rock King gave birth to a vintage rock festival and was RECORDING IN THE WORLD! Vasco Rossi on July 1, 2017, put his name in Guinness primates: MODENA PARK is the biggest concert of all time. DVDs are made from an HD master and have PCM stereo sound and 5.1 DTS.

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Vasco Rossi
CD audio live
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